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It’s Official, I guess

January 28, 2012

I guess it’s an official blog now. This being my second post and all. I could hardly wait to post this photo.

I took this picture the other day while I was out walking along Turkey Creek here in the Heart of America. (Yes, it’s the creek where a bunch of us turkeys get together for a walk.) It was a brilliantly clear and sunny day; heavy traffic in the bright blue sky. I took several pictures and there were many more streaks. I like this photo best.

My First Wife just stared at this picture when she first saw it. “That’s nice,” she said in her delightful Southern drawl. It’s now on my desktop for awhile

Please enjoy. It’s copyrighted.

Text and Photos, ©Paul Nichols, 2012


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  1. I would like to enter the name of ” The Cross In The Sky” for the photo

  2. Me entry:
    “You are here.”

  3. Amy permalink

    So cool!!

  4. Ana permalink

    Name That Photo — HEAVEN’S CROSS

  5. Ribbons and Boughs

  6. Karen permalink

    “Happy Contrails”
    p.s. I like Cliff’s title.

  7. Hector Montaño permalink

    Pablo, congrats on your new blog. may you have continued success.

  8. Jabell permalink

    I love sky pictures. Out here on the Great Plains is the best place to get them. Looking forward to reading more here!

  9. Janell permalink

    Okay – my real name is Janell, not Jabell. Guess the N and the B are too close together!

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