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Why Am I Just Now Finding This Out?!?

I scored a few points with My First Wife this evening. I cooked a meatloaf that tasted pretty good. But…I cooked it in muffin pans. Yeah, muffin pans. You know…cupcakes, muffins and the like. What a brilliant idea.  Even you can do this. I just want to know why I’m just now finding this out.

All you do is fix up a meatloaf the way you normally do. Then scoop it into the the sections of a greased muffin pan(s). Use 2 pounds of meat  for 12 of these little hockey pucks…er, I mean meat loaves. Dump in a 10 oz. can of vegetable soup for your veggies du jour, if you want. Prep time: about 10 minutes.  Set the muffin pans on a flat cookie sheet and cook them for an hour at 350 degrees and…Viola! Dinner is served.  Not only that, but you have prepared nice lunches or snacks for tomorrow. A car trip in your future? Picnic? Pot luck dinner?  Store in a flat plastic covered container and pat yourself on the back.

Try this. Then your wife will probably do the dishes.

Now then. As simple and efficient as this was for me, why am I just now finding this out?!?


It’s Official, I guess

I guess it’s an official blog now. This being my second post and all. I could hardly wait to post this photo.

I took this picture the other day while I was out walking along Turkey Creek here in the Heart of America. (Yes, it’s the creek where a bunch of us turkeys get together for a walk.) It was a brilliantly clear and sunny day; heavy traffic in the bright blue sky. I took several pictures and there were many more streaks. I like this photo best.

My First Wife just stared at this picture when she first saw it. “That’s nice,” she said in her delightful Southern drawl. It’s now on my desktop for awhile

Please enjoy. It’s copyrighted.

Text and Photos, ©Paul Nichols, 2012

I’m Writing/Blogging Again

Here we go again: writing from the hip. When I signed up with FB/Google I went sorta mad. I have wasted a lot of time over there. I’m weaning myself from it. I will completely remove myself from it within a very few weeks.

My new blogging location is here. If you know anyone who really, really likes me and misses reading my blogs, send them this way.

In the meantime, I’m going to repost some of your favorite blogs. I’ll quietly, gently remove them from my other blog site and slip them back in here. You’ll enjoy the joy of reading them again. I’ll sprinkle in some new blogs as I do so.

And I will add more photos–I hope.

Ah...the Heart of Amerca (C) Paul Nichols

I love and miss all my reader friends.

Here we go again–writing from the hip.